About Us

About Us

Mr Walker is proud to be a New Zealand owned and family operated, friendly business of 25+ years.

*Mr.Walker Electrical has been trading since 1991 when we, (Shawn & Trudie Cain) started out on our own, gradually growing to meet the requirements of our clients. Our son Josh joined the team in 2010 and is now a Registered Electrician in the business.

*Mr.Walker gets it’s name from ‘The Phantom’ , a comic book character who has been around since the 40s, & still comes out fortnightly in NZ.

I (Shawn) fell in love with this comic character when I was an apprentice. *Mr.Walker is the Phantom’s name (Kit Walker) when ‘The Phantom’, as a city disguise, puts on over his super-hero purple suit , his trenchcoat, hat & glasses to go into town – hence our logo! (give us a call & come visit our office & meet our life-size figureen, memorabilia & stacks of comics!). The * is there, as it is whenever *Mr.Walker is written in a comic, to indicate to a note at the bottom of the comic box that *Mr.Walker is ‘The Phantom’, (we carry that tradition on!).

We added *Mr.Walker Plumbing in 2003 using the same contact number, as a demand was recognised for plumbing using our same philosophy we use in our Electrical business. Both Trades work together perfectly for our clients ease.

We use our main contact phone number as a cell number (021 956 463) so we know our clients will always get an answer from one of our team members, no matter what time of the day or night it may be. Because our twenty four hours / seven days contact is a cell phone, we transfer the call after hours to a rostered Electrician & Plumber, & during business hours if the phone is busy it transfers to our office where one of our team members can talk to you about your requirements.

*Mr.Walker Electrical currently has a team of 7 x Electricians, including 4x Registered Electricians, 2 x ‘out of their time’ awaiting Registration in early 2014 Electricians & 1x Apprentice.

*Mr.Walker Plumbing has a team of 4 x Plumbers. All our Plumbers are Registered including 3 x Craftsman (Certified) Plumbers & 1 x Registered Gasfitter.

We have a management/ support team of 5, who provide support & system backup to our team & clients.

Together we are ‘team*mr.walker’ : operating as one, 1 x 24/7 contact = 2 x trades.

All our service vans are GPS controlled to provide ‘on the spot’ locations for fast response to your breakdown requirements a.s.a.p. or give you an accurate/ real-time location of our team.

We operate our job sheet system via ‘Job Sheet (www.jobsheetapp.com)’ to enable us to provide accurate, fast invoicing & efficient job management, which allows our clients up-to-date status of their job(s) & our team on the road access to both client & product information.