Security/ cctv

Security / CCTV / Remote switching /     Sensors

We have recommended, supplied, installed & provided a 24/7
service for Micron Alarm systems for the last 10 years. team *mr.walker uses Micron because
they are a New Zealand based product & have fantastic customer support.


Talk to us if your thinking about installing cameras either for security or for convenience. We can advise, recommend & supply the best options that are cost effective. CCTV footage only records when a camera sees movement, recording onto a hard drive with a date/ time stamp for watching whenever required. They can even be monitored at any time live via internet access or via your iPhone, great for your work place or bach!

Home Theatre

Let us advise on any of your stereo, wall-mounted TV installations or home theatre wiring, setup or supply.

Sensor lighting / Remote Switching

Talk to us about supply & installation of your security lighting requirements. We can come & advise on the best options for outside & inside for security & convenience. Internal sensors are easy to retro-fit to your home or business, providing automatic turning on of lighting in a room or hallway, & then turning off the lights when no one is present .

Remote switching of your outside lighting/ water features etc using ‘Coco’ ‘KlikOn KlikOff®‘ switching. This simply allows you to switch on via a wireless remote control any electrical devices anywhere throughout your home. Great when the cost of running cabling between the electrical device & the home expensive/ not possible.

(‘a must in my home & reduced my power bill!’  Shawn).


Cost effective options:New L.E.D. lighting now allows cheaper options with wireless/ sensor options & LED lamps that, uses less power (cheaper power bills) / 15 times lamp life + / doesn’t wear fittings out through output of heat. There is now a new L.E.D. sensorlight that not only uses less power but also records video of movement onto a memory card for downloading if viewing required.

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