A Little history about *Mr. Walker


We are a family owned business started in 1991 by Trudie and Shawn Cain. Our ethos and company motto is “Nothing Is Impossible” – and that certainly sums up our approach to helping our customers with electrical, plumbing and gas related issues.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient communication with our valued clients. We serve our clients needs across multiple trades, following this through with great scheduling and, tradies arriving when they are supposed to.

We strive for providing an ‘easy’ flow from phone call or email to job quote, through to completion and finally your invoice emailed through within two days of completion. We can confidently say that all our team, electricians, plumbers, gas fitters and management team take their work personally.

Recently, we’ve invested in a number of 100% electric vehicles in our fleet to help keep our carbon emissions down as we attend jobs across Auckland.

Why *Mr. Walker?

Our company name, *Mr. Walker, comes from Shawn’s childhood comic book hero ‘The Phantom’ who still has comics released every 2 weeks in NZ and has been made into movies.

The story goes that when The Phantom leaves his jungle home to fight crime in the city, he covers his purple suit and mask with a trench coat and hat, going by the name of *Mr.Walker, (the * always required when *Mr. Walker is mentioned, as it references to a side note at the bottom of the page to advise that *Mr. Walker is The Phantom!).

We have collected over the last 35 years many Phantom / *Mr.Walker pictures, artwork by local artists and other items which are all on display in our office, including life-size mannequins of both The Phantom & *Mr. Walker!

Shawn always has Phantom comics piled up for anyone interested to take them away. We welcome anyone into the fan base!!



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