OUR MASTER ELectricians and Plumbers can keep your auckland property in great shape


For over 23 years, Mr Walker has provided property management support to commercial facilities, residential properties, apartments, schools and childcare facilities. We provide a high quality, efficient, and proven service to ensure your tenant’s electrical, plumbing and gas concerns are dealt with effortlessly. We also provide a proactive management service to stay on top of electrical and plumbing services within your property to help avoid future issues.

Solving electrical and plumbing issues for landlords & Property Managers

Once you advise us of an issue, we will contact your tenant as soon as you pass their details through to us. We’ll give your tenants peace of mind that the issue will be sorted quickly, while take the timing scheduling off you and handing it to one of our reliable, registered tradesmen.

We are available 24/7 for after hours work throughout Auckland due to our team of electricians and plumbers living throughout the Auckland area. This allows us to cover all areas quickly. Our team personally answers your call at all times – 24/7.

Detailed reporting for Property Managers

We specialise in working in consultation with Property Managers, liaising with their tenants and providing detailed invoicing and quotations, including full descriptions of work carried out with address and contact details of the property and tenants.

Through our ‘JobSheet’ system we are able to answer your queries about the status of your property jobs instantly with up-to-date information from the team on the road. We can email your completed job’s invoice to you as soon as the job is complete and, we keep records of your tenant’s contact details in our system, along with the history of the previous work carried out on the property to make passing us a job quick and easy.

We can even offer preventative checks on rental properties.

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