Five reasons to choose *Mr. Walker Electrical and Plumbing


For over 25 years, the team at *Mr. Walker have been providing quality electrical, plumbing and gas fitting work to a wide range of domestic and commercial customers across Auckland. And while offer an experienced and reliable team, there are five more reasons, that we think you’ll appreciate about how we work.

  1. We’re Tidy.

    In short, we don’t make a mess, we’re respectful of your property at all times and we clean up when we’re finished.

  2. We Turn up on time

    We know waiting on tradespeople can be a pain. So we’ll tell you when you can expect us to be there and then we’ll work hard to be on time. If we’re looking like running late for any reason, we’ll call to let you know a new time and check to see if it’s convenient. All of our vehicles feature tracking technology to ensure we can advise how far away we are at any time.

  3. We do quality work

    Our team are well trained and carry the latest equipment. It means we can identify issues and assess the best way to tackle them quickly, then, get to work, giving you a quality outcome.

  4. We communicate well

    When we’re on site, we’ll let you know exactly what the problem is we need to solve, explain your options and our recommended course of action. We’ll then give you a clear, detailed quote, and if you’re happy for us to do so, get on with the job without fuss. For larger projects, we’ll let you know clear timings and milestones, and if multiple tradespeople are required, let you know who’ll be required when.

  5. We provide DETAILED QUOTes AND INVOICes

    Each of our team carry modern technology to help them quote or invoice work quickly and accurately. We provide detailed quotes upfront so you can be sure of everything that’s included in your job. Then, barring any unforeseen changes, our invoices will match the quote you’ve been provided. Simple.

We’re constantly working on new ways to provide a better service to our valued customers. But, no matter those new innovations might bring, we’ve found that the five reasons outline above are always highly valued by our customers. So we remain focused on making sure we stay true to them every day.



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